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Get Health Anxiety treatment with
a Health Anxiety Specialist.

Eliminate Health Anxiety, Hypochondria,
Anxiety Attacks & Generalised Anxiety - in 30 days or less

Experience significant change - with your Health Anxiety after the first session or your money back.

Overcome your anxiety naturally - without worrying about the side effects of medication.

Change your relationship with Anxiety - live your life without constant worry, panic and fear.

Require Immediate support from a Health Anxiety Specialist?
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Years of Health Anxiety gone after a
single Session!

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Virtual Meeting

After 100's of successful sessions I know you may be feeling...

Hopeless being out of control of all of your fears and anxieties.

Exhausted from obsessing and worrying about even the mildest of bodily sensations.

Worried constantly feeling like you are seriously ill or something is seriously wrong with you.

Fearful you'll be stuck like the way you are forever.

Scared seeking reassurance from medical professionals, friends & family.

Well, we have the solution for you...

Health Anxiety Treatment
health anxiety hypnotherapy

I offer fast and effective therapy with lasting results.

Unfortunately this is not achievable with everyone all of the time.

This is why I offer a satisfaction guarantee after the first session.


If you are unhappy with the progress made, I'll refund you the money - no questions asked.

Payments are made through paypal and protected by paypals buyer protection scheme.

I'm confident that together as a team we can get the result you are looking for. However I feel obliged to respect that therapeutic work is never a guarantee.


This is why I offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can have a risk free investment - either experience positive change or your money back.

This programme will help you:


Learn how to eliminate fear, panic or worry around health anxiety, and manage intrusive thoughts. 


Discover the root cause of your Health Anxiety and transform your relationship with Anxiety with a certified health anxiety therapist.


Stop obsessing over health
and learn what drives this behaviour to live with choice & freedom.


Determine the difference between false symptoms and what is genuine using tested strategies.


Uncover the truth behind your triggers from a health anxiety specialist and learn new strategies to recognise & rid them.


Attain techniques clinically proven you can use to alleviate stress and anxiety if it arises in the future.

hypnotherapy for health anxiety

Success Stories

When you make a choice, you can change the future...

health anxiety specialist
health anxiety specialist
health anxiety treatment
overcome health anxiety
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karly testimonial new 1.png
therapy health anxiety
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health anxiety treatment
therapist health anxiety
health anxiety therapy
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overcome panic and anxiety
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hypnotherapy health anxiety

Hello there, it's Kyle .. 

I understand what its like living with Health Anxiety.


Having experienced health anxiety and generalised anxiety

all throughout my adolescence,


I decided to reach out and went to a therapist.


Not only did this resolve my Anxiety, this set me on a path

to help others do the same. 

therapist health anxiety

Now, I am trained in

Clinical hypnotherapy,

Master NLP practitioner,

Conversational hypnosis,

and a number of additional,

specialised therapeutic approaches. 

If you're feeling stuck, scared, hopeless,

let me reassure you this can change!


You aren't stuck, you just have a routine way of being.

The work done in a session is all about regaining your ability to have choice

To stop the routine being feeling helpless, worried, anxious, giving into intrusive thoughts,
to something else that you truly desire. 

This is what is included in the Healtherapy Programme! 


We've had 100s of successful client sessions, we absolutely love helping people, 

and helping them regain the freedom they truly deserve.

Using NLP and Hypnotherapy for health anxiety is a VERY fast and effective way to deal with the intrusive thoughts and unwanted negative emotions. 

Dont settle for a life riddled by these things,


No more coping strategies...


No more feeling 'slightly better' than before...

No more feeling okay for a while then spiralling for months again...


No more feeling like medication with unknown side effects is the only answer... 

Claim your FREE consultation call with a health anxiety specialist today 

Frequently asked questions

Will this work for me? 

When it comes to therapy, there is no 100% guarantee - ever. However after working for many years and having hundreds of successful sessions, I am confident I can help anyone who is ready to be helped using my flexible, person centred approach.

As for readiness to be helped, this is discussed in the initial consultation through a screening process. I will not take on someone who is not ready to be helped.

I've had therapy before that hasn't worked

Unfortunately I hear this a lot. To safeguard against this, I offer a satisfaction guarantee after the first session. With my fast, effective methods and unique approach, you can expect to experience a significant change within the first session. 

If at this point you would like a refund, I'll refund the whole investment - no questions asked. 

Is therapy online just as good as in person?

How does it work?

Whether the techniques are used online or in person I've found it really doesn't matter. As long as between the client and health anxiety specialist there is an openness, honesty and a willingness of the client to change - these are the ingredients to a success story. 

I've worked with people who never have used zoom before with much success, and am happy to provide support where needed. 

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate"

Imagine your mind is like a room. And in this room are objects and ornaments. These represent your memories, emotions, and experiences. When you look at some of these objects, you experience joy, happiness and all the good things in life. However some of these objects you try to hide, you feel ashamed of, embarrassed, even scared and fearful of. 


What we do in a session is take a look at the former objects. We ask questions that will naturally help you change the way you feel, see and think about these objects in an organic manner. It very common to experience a range of emotions in a session, however this is what yields such fast results. We work with you at your pace and are with you every step of the way so you achieve the change you want.

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