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Overcome Health Anxiety with the Healtherapy Programme.

Health Anxiety therapy from the comfort of your own home.

Working Remotely
therpaist health anxiety

I really enjoyed my time working with Kyle. He was professional, insightful, and kind throughout the entire process. My overall experience was amazing and highly successful!

hypnotherapy health anxiety
I continue to use Kyles methods day to day and am now able to think more calmly and rationally when faced with one (spiders), and no longer freeze in fear! Kyle was patient, fantastic at listening and supportive during our session and I felt so at ease and relaxed. 
hypnosis health anxiety
I had the opportunity to work with Kyle and the result were quite amazing. I was astonished at the power his techniques even though they were all done over a regular phone call!
Virtual Meeting
Discovery Call 

Having trouble with Health Anxiety? We've got you.

Book a 15 minute call with a Health Anxiety therapist to see how we can help you.

"I've felt more relief in the last 15 minutes than I did in 4 CBT sessions".

FREE for limited time only

Consultation Call

Set on overcoming Health Anxiety? Want more details about our programme? 

Book your 30 minute Consultation Call with a Health Anxiety therapist to discuss how we can help, pricing & answer any questions you may have.

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