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How to Combat Intrusive Thoughts of Health Anxiety Workbook

What's Included:

Understanding the Health Anxiety Cycle:


  • Discover how thoughts, feelings, and fears are interlinked, forming a cycle that perpetuates anxiety.


Core principles from our Programme:

  • ​Unpack the core principles of the Healtherapy Programme designed to break the health anxiety cycle.

  • You will learn to change your relationship with your thoughts, feelings, and fears. 

Techniques you can use to help break that cycle:  

  • Easy to follow CBT and ACT techniques that you can use anywhere to stop Health Anxiety in its tracks.


Strategies for managing symptoms: 


  • Learn how to reinterpret physical symptoms to reduce fear.

  • Prevent panic by changing the narrative of your symptoms to something less frightening and more manageable.

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"How to combat intrusive thoughts of health anxiety"

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