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Unveiling the Triggers of Health Anxiety - a Hypnotherapists Perspective

Updated: May 12

health anxiety hypnotherapy

Understanding Health Anxiety

To understand how hypnotherapy can help health anxiety first we must understand what triggers health anxiety its crucial to understand what health anxiety is - Health anxiety is when you are feeling anxious towards health. When you experience anxiety thinking about the state of your wellbeing.

What is a trigger?

A trigger, in the simplest term, is an unconscious thought process. What do I mean by unconscious?

Well, a trigger flicks almost instantaneously, like an unconscious thought process. This unconscious thought process becomes so routine to the individual that it goes below consciousness.

The subconscious mind has a faster processing rate than the conscious mind, so that's why it's a trigger and why it seems so instantaneous, when there's actually a whole chain of events behind it.

Where does this unconsciousness come from?

The truth is, it actually comes from the conscious mind. At some point in time, you thought about the now unconscious thought process and made it so routine that now it happens in the flick of a switch.

How it all ties together

If you're feeling physical symptoms and experiencing health anxiety, when you have a symptom, your thoughts/feelings of panic or intrusive thoughts, whatever it is that you're worried about tie in with the feeling of panic and also tie in with the symptoms as well.

They glue themselves together, and the more you do this, the stronger the glue gets. When I work with my clients, we work on ungluing these sorts so that they can separate themselves.

Where health anxiety comes from?

Now, you may be wondering, why would somebody think this unconscious thought process and create this trigger? Well, there's a varying amount of answers. Everyone is an individual; it could just be plain stress, it could be lifestyle, it could be bad experiences in the doctors.

But the bottom line is, this is done by thinking in a certain way, you cannot experience health anxiety until you think the thoughts about health anxiety. This can happen in the moment, or it can happen as a backwards rationalisation after experiencing anxiety.

The physical symptoms may come from some kind of fear that's bubbling up. Anxiety is a feeling. What is under the anxiety, is another question - if you can find the root to that question you can eliminate your anxiety!

Health Anxiety is a bad strategy for health!

When it comes to health anxiety, using NLP & hypnotherapy techniques, you can actually break the thought process down into a strategy. In NLP, there are good strategies and bad strategies. The good strategies are the ones that we use to progress in life and the bad strategies are the patterns of thought that keep us stuck in life.

In this case, for someone who's experiencing the symptoms of health anxiety or they're a hypochondriac, then I would consider this a bad strategy because I've never met a hypochondriac who doesn't want to be one!

If someone's a hypochondriac and they don't want to be, but they just experience it and can't help themselves, they've got themselves into this bad strategy, this pattern of thinking.

And the reason why it's a strategy is that if you actually lay out every step of the process, it becomes predictable. I'm sure you've maybe had it when you experience anxiety and its all too much the same.

All it is, is a pattern of thoughts, and with every pattern, you can break it down into smaller segments. Knowing this, you can interrupt the process. And once you stop this process, you stop this loop from happening, and you can blow the entire behaviour and, the entire symptoms of health anxiety completely out of the window.

Looking for help?

Has this helped? I am a NLP master practitioner and a hypnotherapist who works with people with health anxiety, hypochondriacs, and generalised anxiety & all fears. If you're looking for therapy for health anxiety from a hypnotherapist, claim your free strategy call with me.

I'm a health anxiety therapist with a very high success rate. if you're looking for a solution for health anxiety with hypnotherapy, NLP or just want it gone! I'd be happy to chat.

Hypnotherapy for health anxiety has proven time and time again to blow the symptoms out of health anxiety - often in just 1 session!

This is because when it comes to health anxiety, someone becomes struck in their ways of feeling and thinking. Hypnosis for health anxiety provides an excellent way to remove these feelings, and provide choice again to live life in a more desired way.

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