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The Healtherapy Programme

Eliminate or Alleviate Health Anxiety with our tried and tested programme, to overcome Health Anxiety in 14 days or less. 

Learn how to conquer your irrational thoughts

Change your relationship with Anxiety

Get the control you truly deserve


Years of Health
Anxiety Eliminated 

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Who is the programme for?

If you're currently experiencing symptoms of -

Health Anxiety/Hypochondria 

Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Illness Anxiety Disorder
Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Then this programme can help you resolve this. 

From always Anxious to clear headed in 1 session!

health anxiety hypnotherapy

From Phobia to no fear, anxiety or panic!

hypnosis health anxiety

What's included in our programme ?

therapist health anxiety

Online Sessions:

Eliminate or alleviate your Health Anxiety in 1-2 Sessions

We offer 4 online sessions via zoom (6 hours minimum) so you can overcome Health Anxiety from the comfort of your own home.

What's covered in the sessions? 

Experience a Psychological & Emotional shift to take back your power from Anxious thoughts & feelings

Discover how to have intrusive thoughts without panic & worry

health anxiety therapist
health anxiety therapist

Change your Relationship with Anxiety

Discover the truth of your Anxiety, move on from Anxiety and most importantly, release those feelings of fear, worry, nervousness & panic. 

So you can live life on your own terms again.

Dismantle your  Health Anxiety triggers.

Remove your trigger points by unravelling them with a Health Anxiety therapist.

Weed out your mental 'knots' around your triggers & anxiety so you can live with freedom of choice once more.

health anxiety therapist
hypnosis health naxiety
"I feel so different. It's really hard to explain but I've been doing a stupid amount of things outside of my comfort zone"
hypnotherapy health anxiety
"Since our session yesterday I've been feeling so light in the head. Woke up this morning expecting it to be back, it's worst in the mornings... And nothing."
health anxiety hypnotherapy
"Cannot thank you enough Kyle for all his help and support, he was so patient and easy to talk to! Made a massive impact on my life!"
therapist health anxiety

​We're confident that together as a team we can get the result you are looking for. However, we have to be honest and oblige to respect that therapeutic work is never a guarantee.


We're so confident, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can have a risk free investment - either experience positive change or your money back.

All transactions are made through paypal, and protected by paypals buyer protection scheme. 

If you are unhappy with your progress, or if we feel you are not an ideal fit for the programme after the first session, you will be refunded your entire investment.


No questions asked!

Whats included in the consultation call?

An Assessment of your current situation, and a tailored plan for you to move forward

Put your mind at ease, gain valuable insight into your Health Anxiety, and experience relief. 

Discover and discuss a practical step by step process to which you can begin your journey to overcome your anxieties.

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health anxiety specialist
health anxiety specialist
overcome health anxiety
hypnotherapy health anxiety
hypnosis health anxiety
health anxiety therapist near me
Healtherapy Success Stories
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health anxiety therapy near me
health anxiety therapist near me
health anxiety therapy
hypnotherapy health anxiety
health anxiety treatment
treatment health anxiety
treatment for health anxiety
treatment health anxiety
hypnotherapy health anxiety
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  • How's this any different than CBT?
    CBT takes a focus at working with the thoughts alone. CBT is great and works for a lot of people, however we feel CBT is like putting a bandage over a wound thats infected and doesn’t really get to the root cause. The wound may heal despite the infection, but chances are it will not. Although we do work with the thoughts, we emphasise more the feelings driving the thoughts, and resolving those. Then come back to the thoughts (if they are still lingering).
  • Is therapy online just as good as in person?
    Whether the techniques are used online or in person the techniques and methodology are the same. As long as you have a stable internet connection - we’re all good to go. I've worked with people who never have used zoom before with much success, and am happy to provide extra support where needed.
  • Can this help my anxiety?
    Absolutely. Therapy is a bit like DIY. You can do it yourself, but it may take you longer. And it may be cheaper, but it may not turn out how you want it. There may be pieces missing which you can never fully put your finger on and leave you feeling unsatisfied. This is why working with a health anxiety therapist is so valuable - it can get you to where you want to be, living the life you desire, very quickly. Although there is no 100% guarantee (like hiring a builder) I’m fully confident that barring you’re committed, we can get you where you want to be quickly.
  • Does this work for all anxiety?
    Yes. My background is working with anxiety of all kinds, even phobias & panic attacks. There is an entire section of the programme dedicated to helping you change your relationship with anxiety - no matter what kind it is.
  • How long will it take me to see results?
    We’ve had people experience results almost immediately - within 15 minutes. You can expect a significant change within the first or second session. For others it does sometimes take a little longer - especially if this is a life long or severe anxiety, as we require more time to go through the ‘layers’ of the anxiety. However, this is why we offer the blanket of 4 sessions to give enough time to ‘iron out any creases’.
  • How much is this going to cost me?
    Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can make. We do not state the price on the website, as we see the investment made by you your commitment to overcome your anxiety and therefore moot. However, we reassure you its very affordable and fair, given the value we offer and the life change you benefit from. We’re also currently offering discounts for certain individuals - do get in touch to find out if you’re eligible.
  • How’s Healtherapy any different?
    The style of therapy we use is a mixture of hypnotherapy, conversational hypnosis, and NLP. Resulting in a very gentle, conversational, free-flowing type therapy session. What this style of therapy is very effective at is finding the root cause of the issue. Once identified, we can strategically remove your trigger points, so the thought loops you were stuck in, and the undesired emotions you were feeling, become resolved.
  • I’ve had therapy before that hasn’t worked, will this work?
    Unfortunately I hear this a lot. I’ve heard stories of people paying extortionate amounts with little to no result. We’re not about that here. We get our satisfaction out of a happy and rejuvenated you. Although we can’t say for sure why you weren’t successful in the past. What we do here is offer a satisfaction guarantee after the first session. Essentially a ‘risk free’ investment for you. If you’re unhappy, or if we feel you’re not the right fit after the first session, we’ll refund the entire investment - no questions asked. All transactions are through PayPal, and protected by Paypals buyer protection scheme.
  • Is there any guarantee?
    I’d be lying if I said this approach is for everyone. And no therapy is ever 100% guaranteed. This is why I offer a satisfaction guarantee after the first session. If you’re unhappy with the session, or if I feel you’re not a good fit, I’ll refund you the entire investment, no questions asked. We’ve only done this a few times, however it’s a win-win, as we can spend more time getting life changing results with clients who really want it.
  • How's this going to help me?
    In layman’s terms, we will dive into the nature of the problem and change this together as a team. Really, when it comes to the how, we keep this simple for you. All we ask is your full willingness, engagement, and commitment, and ask kindly for you to leave the how to us. But basically, you’ll come out of a session feeling like what was a problem for you before, now isn't anymore, and you now have choice again to live life how you want to.
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