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Health Anxiety Treatment

Helping you empower your mind & eliminate Health Anxiety naturally from your home

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master NLP Practitioner Based in Norwich, UK

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How we can help

We understand what its like living with Health Anxiety.

Break free from the cycle of Health Anxiety and get your life back on track with our trialed and tested method. 

Working from Home

What we do

Having had Health Anxiety and come out of the other side, we are now empowering others to do the same. 

We've been helping people overcome their extreme fears & anxieties for over half a decade.

Client Testimonials

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Want to Combat Intrusive Thoughts of Health anxiety?

Download our free e-book which covers:

  • The Health Anxiety Cycle:

  • Core principles from our Programme:

  • Techniques you can use to help break that cycle:  

  • Strategies for managing symptoms: 

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